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Our building integrated, MatrixAir™ solar air heating systems provide fresh air ventilation for buildings in the commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-residential sectors yielding up to 10 LEED® points (NC & CI: EA c-1, c-2/MR c-4).

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Sunlight is transformed into heat as the air is drawn into the collector.


Our MatrixAir™ solar air heating systems use a unique yet conventional looking perforated metal cladding to provide heated fresh air ventilation for buildings in the commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-residential sectors. These systems yield a reduced energy load and improved indoor air quality while coupled with the aesthetics of a conventional metal façade all within an attractive ROI.

Since 1990 Matrix Energy has supplied over 41,000 m2 of solar air heating collector area spanning hundreds of installations across Canada, the United States and Europe. Our building-integrated MatrixAir™ solar air heating systems are the solution to provide low cost, preheated ventilation air in new buildings; façade or HVAC system retrofits. MatrixAir™ systems use slightly unique, yet conventional, perforated exterior metal siding to not only clad new or reclad existing buildings but more importantly produce low cost, preheated ventilation air. See for a brief assortment of our installed portfolio.

Thermal heating accounts for over 30% of the CO2 emissions in Canada, making it one of our largest single sources of GHG. According to the C.D. Howe Institute’s February 2009 report entitled “Going Green For Less: Cost-Effective Alternative Energy Sources”, the lowest cost option possible to governments is from unglazed solar air heating technologies. In April 2014, BEAM Engineering, a Boston based energy consulting firm, corroborated what we already know that, “…solar (air) heating is the most efficient renewable technology for generating thermal heat and costs are as low as $0.06 USD/kWh…” Conservatively, our façade mounted MatrixAir™ systems will yield 1.5 3.0 GJ/m2 of installed collector area on an annual basis delivering this energy at an incremental cost of $0.03 – 0.07/kWh based on a twenty five year life cycle cost basis. Suffice it to say, our solar air heating systems very cost effectively heat ventilation and indoor air, which also happens to be the largest – but typically overlooked - usage of energy in our northern climate.

Our patented MatrixAir™ products are characterized by an aesthetic look that integrates with most architecture not to mention their high 70-90%% operating efficiencies that yield very competitive returns on their incremental investment. Architecturally versatile, our products can be styled, shaped, and designed in a variety of colors to augment the building envelope and generate on-site energy to facilitate any level of LEED® certification with up to 10 LEED® points (NC & CI: EA c-1, c-2/MR c-4). The most recent addition to our product line is a roof mounted product called the “Delta” a modular, roof-mounted solar air heating system where southerly, east or west facing facades are simply not available. Designed for use in systems requiring a total of 25000 CFM or more, each ten foot module will deliver 250 CFM of preheated fresh air typically providing annual energy savings of 1100 kWh annually.

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